Soledar battle (4 I - 16 I 2023) [GRAPHIC VIDEOS]

[AdSense-A] On January 4, 2022 Russian forces advanced in Soledar and captured Bakhmutske. They also advanced in Bakhmutske - Pidhorodne area. The situation of the Ukrainian side in Soledar has deteriorated significantly over On January 5-6, 2023 Thanks to the capture of Bachmutkeand Yakovliwka (a month ago), the Russians (VDV and Wagnerian troops) were able to outflank the Ukrainian positions in the south-eastern part of the town and in the evening of January 5 force the defenders to retreat under the cover of darkness. The next day, the aggressor followed the blow and attacks from the north, as well as from the south, provided support for the attack on the city center. In the evening, the Russians broke through to the center and seized the Velychko railway station, the salt mine, and also appeared in the buildings near the headquarters of the Artemsil company. Fighting is taking place in the center, and the Ukrainians are still occupying the western settlements and the built-up area in the northern part. They will have to retreat from the last of these positions to avoid being cut off from the rest of the Ukrainian forces. In the evening, the Russians also struck towards Krasnopolivka. Ukrainians launched a counterattack on the night of January 6/7. Using its post-dark combat advantage, the 46th Air Assault Brigade began reclaiming part of the built-up area from which it had to withdraw on Friday. The Ukrainians drove the enemy out of most of the salt mine area belonging to the Artemsil company in the morning or in the morning hours, as evidenced by reports from the battlefield, as well as photos of the editor of the portal from the company's premises. Heavy fighting for the center continues. The Russians control half of Soledar. January 6, the evening attack of the Russians on Krasnopolivka ended in their defeat due to the contraction of Ukrainian reserves (probably elements of the 17th Independent Armored Brigade). On January 7, 2023, morining, Ukrainian forces recaptured Artymosalt of Salt Mine. Next, January 7, 2023, Russian forces attacked center of town from norhern flank. Fierce battle was continued in center of Soledar. January 9 fighting took place in o the eastern part of the Artemsil Salt Mine. The Russians attacked mainly with infantry forces, supported by artillery (they collected a large number of howitzers and artillery shells, weakening the rest of the section) and aviation. During most of the assaults, they suffered huge personal losses, also from among the VDW soldiers and the "cadres" of the Private Military Company "Wagner". The Ukrainians (elements of the 46th Air Assault Brigade and the 93rd Mechanized Brigade) repulsed enemy attacks around the clock. Meanwhile, units of the 17th Armored Brigade were conducting maneuvers near the town. In the evening, part or all of the 4th Reserve Armored Brigade was thrown in as support in the area. Late in the evening of January 9, they tried to cut off the access road to Sołedar with the support of two armored companies. They succeeded in temporarily achieving their objective, but were later repelled. On January 10, the fights took place over the center, on the outskirts of which (near the Legal Aid Centre), the invaders, claiming to be Wagnerians, announced the capture of this part of Sołedar. Photographs have also appeared on Russian social media showing allegedly oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, owner of the Private Military Company "Wagner", in a salt mine. On January 12, 2023 Russian Ministry of Defense claimed full control over Soledar. On January 13-14 in Soledar, the Ukrainians probably hold only a part of the western district of the town, in the vicinity of salt mine No. 7. On January 15, before 5 p.m., the Ukrainians left the area and buildings of the western district of Soledar, including the No. 7 salt mine. At that time, the presence of Russians in this area was confirmed. On January 16, 2023, Russian forces captured Sil train station and Sil district. Soledar was fallen.

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