Pavlivka battle (30 X - 4 XI 2022)

[AdSense-A] On October 30, 2022 Russian forces captured part of Pavilivka. Novodonecke was captured on November 1, 2022. Russian troops reached also T-05-09 road between Zolota Nyva and Prechstivka, cut supply lines between Vuhledar and Velyka Novosilka. On November 1, 2022, Russian forces captured south vicinity of Vuhledar. On November 2, the enemy forces were engaged in a fight in the south-eastern part of Pavliwka, which lies at the southern gate of Vuhledar, but they were not able to cross the river flowing through the village and the surrounding ponds. Moving the front line by 2 km near Pavlivka cost the aggressor a lot of losses in people and equipment. Moreover, taking advantage of the unfavorable weather conditions, on November 2, the Ukrainians pushed the enemy away from the road connecting Vuhledarwith Velka Novosilka, which had been occupied the day before, opening supplies to Vuhledar - On November 3, the marines leading the attack announced the suspension of fighting due to unfavorable weather conditions. Namely, it was raining in the fighting area and the Russian equipment was stuck in the mud, which thwarted the occupant's plans; - the fighting for Pavlivka near Vuhledar resumed a day later, but to this day the enemy has not been very successful, apart from taking over a few buildings in the southern part of Pavlivka; In the end, the attempt to capture Vuhledar was abandoned due to weather conditions and heavy losses (pro-Russian sources admit that they lost 300 killed and wounded within 4 days). In addition, the cause of the defeat was to be poor planning and commanding troops that refused to obey orders. Namely, Pavlivka is located in the valley, and VuhledarWuhłedar is on the hill, which helped the Ukrainians to defend the area and fire at the Russians attacking from the valley. "Two Russian T-72B3 tanks and three (infantry fighting vehicles) BWP-2 were damaged by artillery, ATGM missiles and explosives" - informs StratCom of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on its Telegram channel. The entry is accompanied by a recording showing the attack carried out by the 72nd Mechanized Brigade in the Pavlovka region, in the Donetsk region.

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