Orekhov outskirts battle (19-25 I 2023)

[AdSense-A] On January 19, 2023, Russian forces advanced towards Stepove, Myrne, Dorozhnyanka Novodanylivka and Mala Tokmakha. https://twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1616195496875331596 https://twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1616207366550163456 224 shelling in 21 settlements of Zaporizhzhia region reported in last 24 hours. On January 20, 2023, Ukrainian froces repelled attack on Mala Tokmakha, but Russian forces captured Lebkove and Maly Shcherbaky. https://twitter.com/Suriyakmaps/status/1616571755757199363 https://twitter.com/Suriyakmaps/status/1616571751034486784 https://twitter.com/Suriyakmaps/status/1616571755757199363 Russian forces have started to use assault groups instead of reconnaissance at Zaporizhzhia direction On January 21, the Russians continue to press Ukrainian positions south of Orikhove, however on south of Mali Shcherbaky, RU troops were destroyed, as well as several armored vehicles https://twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1617291690141966336 On January 22, Ukrainian forces repelled a Russian attack at Kamiansky and Shcherbaky. https://twitter.com/Militarylandnet/status/1617187369702117377 On January 23, 2023, Russian troops troops captured the no man's land in the southern part of the town. https://twitter.com/Suriyakmaps/status/1617597591599841282 On January 24, 2023 Ukrainias forces repelled attack on Novodanylivka. Next day, Ukrainian forces repelled attack at Charvine and Chervone. https://twitter.com/Suriyakmaps/status/1618305148828385288 https://twitter.com/Militarylandnet/status/1618313971790151683

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