Odesa drone attack (5 XI 2023)

[AdSense-A] More explosions were reported in Odesa More drones approaching Odesa region More explosions were reported in Odesa, drones attempting to hit port infrastructure https://twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1721425497928962112 8 person wounded as result of overnight attacks in Odesa https://twitter.com/HromadskeUA/status/1721432709187203256 https://twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1721426982146039884 Surface-to-air missile of the Ukrainian air defence system hit the ground in Odesa (November 5, 2023). https://twitter.com/Chronology22/status/1721282617444647285 Some consequences of yesterday's strike by a failed surface-to-air missile of the Ukrainian air defense system against Odesa https://twitter.com/Chronology22/status/1721483099215643123

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