Odesa drone attack (29 XII 2023)

[AdSense-A] Russian drone hit residential apartment block in Odesa 2 person dead, 10 wounded as result of Russian attack in Odesa Ukrainian air defense shot down 27 of 36 Shahed drones, and 87 of 90 Kh-101 missiles, launched by Russia. Also Russia used 5 Kh47-m2 missiles, 4 anti-radiation Kh-31P missiles, 1 Kh-59, at least 14 ballistic missiles (S-300/S-400 or Iskander), 8 Kh-22 missiles. The Ukrainian Air Force Command claimed the interception of 87 cruise missiles out of 122 launched (including 5 hypersonic Kinzhal missiles) & 27 Shaheds out of 36 drones. The interception ratio was 72%. Death toll of Russian attack in Odesa increased to 3 Some consequences of the strike of the Ukrainian air defence system against a residential house in Odesa during the Russian cruise missile attack (December 29, 2023) https://twitter.com/Chronology22/status/1740723910147232067 President Zelensky: 39 people killed, 159 wounded as result of Russian attack on 29 December across Ukraine https://twitter.com/rybar_force/status/1740736631114461411

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