Makiivka battle (1-4 XI 2022)

[AdSense-A] Swatowe - 3 XI 2022 On November 1-2, 2022 Russian forces conducted huge counterattack and repelled Ukrainian forces from P-66 road and atacked Makiivka and Nevskie. However On the night of 2 November, the Ukrainians claimed to have destroyed an entire Russian battalion near the town of Makiivka, in Svatove Raion. According to a Russian survivor, out of the 570 soldiers in his unit, 29 survived, 12 were wounded, and the rest were killed. On November 3, 2022 Ukrainian forces, after the failed Russian attack on Makivka and Nevs'ke, counterattacked and approached Ploshchanka.
On November 4, 2022 Russian forces attacked Nevskie and Makiivka again. Then the Ukrainians launched a counterattack that reached Ploschanka.

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