Lyubechane - Sushany actions (2 III 2023)

[AdSense-A] Russian media claim 2 children wounded in Lyubechane village of Bryansk village with small arms fire, blame Ukrainian saboteur group "Russian volunteer corps": we are not fighting with civilians, calls for arms to fight Putin's army. "Death to Kremlin's tyrant" Russian FSB border guards reported clashes with violators of the state border in Klimovo district of Briansk region Russian media: RosGuard with MLRS GRAD to be deployed in Klimovo district of Briansk region to fight saboteurs Russian media report hostage-taking situation in Sushany village of Briansk region, according to report 6 people could be taken hostages. Blame Ukrainian saboteur group Kremlin's spokesperson: Putin is aware about situation in Briansk region, now is in Kremlin, cancelled scheduled trip to Stavropol region of Russia, no security council meeting today, but as planned tomorrow. Also Peskov added that he is not aware if Putin change the status of "Special Military operation" Kremlin's spokesperson: Putin is receiving reports on situation in Briansk region from FSB's Bortnkikov, MinDef Shoigu and head of Russian guard Zolotov now Advisor to the office of President of Ukraine: The story about Ukrainian sabotage group in RF is a classic deliberate provocation. RF wants to scare its people to justify the attack on another country & the growing poverty after the year of war. The partisan movement in RF is getting stronger and more aggressive. Fear your partisans 3 RosGuard troopers and police sapper wounded as their vehicle hit a landmine near Sushany village of Briansk region 2 more Russian border guards wounded during sweeping operation in border districts of Briansk region

Opublikowane: 2 marca, 2023 10:49 am, ostatnia aktualizacja: 10 marca, 2023 at 4:06 pm