Kyiv massive missiles strike (2 I 2024) [WIKIPEDIA, VIDEO]

[AdSense-A] Air defense is active in Kyiv, explosions audible Partial blackout in several districts of Kyiv Fire in Kyiv as result of missile strike, reportedly Kh-47m2 missiles were used and more on the way 16 people wounded as result of missile strikes in Kyiv Kyiv this morning (January 02, 2024) Missile hit at the yard of residential house in Vyshneve 1 person killed, 11 wounded as result of Russian missile strikes in Kyiv region President Zelensky: 4 person killed, 92 wounded as result of Russian attack this morning in Kyiv, Kyiv region and Kharkiv. Rescue operation ongoing Ukrainian air defense shot down 59 of at least 70 Kh-101 cruise missiles, 10 of 10 Kinzhal Kh-47m2 missiles, 3 of 3 Kaliber missiles, also Russia launched 12 Iskander-M/S-300/S-400 ballistic missiles and 4 Kh-31P missiles Significant damage to residential houses in Solomyansky district of Kyiv as result of Russian missile strikes Russian missile attack shows also the the destruction of the air defence system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stationed in a residential area (January 02, 2024) Likely some VIP person of the Kyiv regime on the operating table during the Russian missile strike

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