Kyiv massive missile strike (29 XII 2023)

[AdSense-A] Explosions were reported in Kyiv Fire in Kyiv after debris of a missile had fallen down Mayor of Kyiv: Lukianivska metro station was damaged as result of explosion Residential house was hit in Kyiv 2 person killed, 18 wounded as result of Russian attack in Kyiv. Over 30 aerial targets were shot down over the city Ukrainian air defense shot down 27 of 36 Shahed drones, and 87 of 90 Kh-101 missiles, launched by Russia. Also Russia used 5 Kh47-m2 missiles, 4 anti-radiation Kh-31P missiles, 1 Kh-59, at least 14 ballistic missiles (S-300/S-400 or Iskander), 8 Kh-22 missiles. The Ukrainian Air Force Command claimed the interception of 87 cruise missiles out of 122 launched (including 5 hypersonic Kinzhal missiles) & 27 Shaheds out of 36 drones. The interception ratio was 72%. Body extracted from the rubble after Russian attack in Kyiv, bringing number of killed to 3 The debris of a shot down aerial target fell on the high-rise building in Kyiv (December 29, 2023) Death toll of Russian attack against Kyiv on 29 December increased to 13 killed, after 2 more bodies extracted from the rubble. 32 more wounded President Zelensky: 39 people killed, 159 wounded as result of Russian attack on 29 December across Ukraine

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