Industrial area in Bakhmut battle (5 - 30 I 2023)

[AdSense-A] On January 5, 2023 The Ukrainians managed to achieve some successes during the fighting in the industrial district at Patris Lumumba Street, the Russians, in turn, created redoubts in the "Siniat" factory and the ruins of a ceramics factory. On January 6-7, the Ukrainians are trying to dislodge the enemy from the intersection of Fedora Maksymenko Street, fights were taking place for the industrial district at Patris Lumumba Street, as well as in the north-eastern district of the city, where there is a lot of undeveloped space and plots with single-family houses predominate, thanks to which the Russians have achieved some success. On January 7, Russian forces attacked from Bakhmut's landfill, Waste sorting plant. On January 8, Russian forces attacked Artwinery. On January 14, 2023, was battle of Artwinery factory. On January 30, 2023 Russian forces captured Artwinery again and captured whole Industrial District.

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