Hatyshche captured (10-12 V 2024)

[AdSense-A] Clashes with attacking Russian infantry at Borysivka, Pylna, Krasne villages of Kharkiv region, attempts of attacks at Hoptivka and Strilecha, Russian attack at Hatyshche was repelled Clashes continue at the border in Kharkiv region https://twitter.com/XAPKIB/status/1788929664741670927 https://twitter.com/rybar_force/status/1788882631397978311 Russian Ministry of Defense claims control over Hatysche, Krasne, Morokhovets and Oliiynykove villages of Kharkiv region of Ukraine https://twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1789660728774754474

Opublikowane: 10 maja, 2024 10:22 am, ostatnia aktualizacja: 13 maja, 2024 at 10:00 am