Gaza battle – south axis (30 X 2023 – ongoing)

[AdSense-A] New photos released by the Israeli army which shows troops operating inside Gaza on Monday Hamas: Israeli army forces and vehicles are on Salah al-Din Street and are trying to reach Al-Rashid Street The Israeli military is present inside ex-outpost of Netzarim, specifically in the vicinity of Al Nour Resort and Tika Hospital after it penetrated west from the Samouni area Israeli forces have been continuously fighting inside Gaza since Friday night, now maneuvering to surround Gaza City: Israeli army Al-Qassam Brigades: We destroyed an Israeli vehicle penetrating east of the Zaytoun neighborhood with a Yassin 105 shell and it was engulfed in flames. Violent clashes take place within the borders of Gaza City Israeli army launching flares over Southern Gaza city Palestinian TV: The Turkish Friendship Hospital for cancer patients in Gaza is out of service Successive explosions do not stop, resulting from the clashes waged by the Hamas with the Israeli forces penetrating the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City, and artillery fires dozens of shells. The commander of the division that leads the ground operation in Gaza, Division 162, Brigadier General Itzik Cohen: "The forces are deep in the Strip at the gates of Gaza City. We dismantled many of Hamas' capabilities, we attacked its strategic installations, we completely dismantled the entire array of explosives, the underground array and other complexes. This is a war for the existence of the state - and we will win it" Heavy Israeli bombing on the Tel al-Hawa area in Gaza Planes fire intensely along Al-Rashid Street, opposite the Tal Al-Hawa area Israeli helicopters open machine-gun fire on the coastal Al-Rashid Street, west of Gaza Palestinian media: Violent clashes with the Israeli army on the outskirts of the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, west of Gaza Violent clashes taking place between the Palestinian militants and the Israeli armed forces penetrating north and south of Gaza City Al-Qassam Brigades announce the destruction of two Israeli tanks southwest of Gaza City Israeli major general who commands the Southern Command: The Israeli army is in the heart of Gaza Al-Qassam Brigades: We killed and wounded a number of Israeli soldiers in a precise ambush in the Sheikh Ajlin area. Battles intensify in northern and central Gaza, especially south of the Zaytoun neighborhood Al-Quds Brigades says it bombed a crowd of Israeli military vehicles west of the Ansar government complex in Gaza Palestinian Minister of Health: The health situation in the Gaza Strip is in a state of complete collapse Director of Al-Shifa Hospital told Sky News Arabia: 5 people were killed in the Israeli bombing of the hospital yard Victims and wounded in an Israeli bombing on the outpatient clinics building at Al-Shifa Hospital Nir Dvori: According to reports from Gaza: the encirclement of Shifa' hospital has been completed. There is an exchange of fire on the outskirts of the hospital between Israeli army forces and Hamas militants Israeli army tanks seen moving along Al Senaa Street, Gaza City Violent clashes around Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Israeli army: Head of Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration under COGAT, Colonel Moshe Tetro* regarding Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza: "There is no shooting at the hospital and there is no siege.The East Side of the hospital remains open. "Additionally, we [the Israeli army] can coordinate [with] anyone who wants to leave the hospital safely." Israeli tanks are 200 meters away from the northern side of the vicinity of the Shifa complex Hamas calls for Arab-Islamic action to stop the Israeli aggression and save Gaza's hospitals Israeli Merkava tanks &/or Namer APC's can likely be heard moving in the area around the AFP camera near the port of Gaza. Heavy gunfire and explosions can be heard as clashes continue in various areas In cooperation with the Air Force: IDF forces destroyed an anti-tank post on the outskirts of the Gaza port. The operation in the field was carried out by the fighters of the 74th Battalion of the 188th Brigade, under the command of Lt. Col. Oren Schindler Israeli forces fire smoke bombs in the battle for Al-Shifa Hospital Gaza Health Ministry: Renewed Israeli bombardment on the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital and its courtyards World Health Organization: Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is out of service AFP, citing Hamas: All hospitals in northern Gaza are out of service Gaza Health: We are no longer able to count the number of victims in the Shifa complex

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