First battle of Dovhenke (11 IV - 11 VI 2022) [WIKIPEDIA]

[AdSense-A] On April 24, 2022, Russian forces reached Pashkove. On May 13-14, 2022 Russian forces have captured Dovhenke and advanced along the highway M-03 (Izium – Slovyansk) and attacked Ukrainian positions in the vicinity of Bohorodychne. The assault was successfully repelled. Russian aviation targeted Ukrainian positions at Dolyna and Adamivka. Russian forces captured it on May 14 and moved southeast towards Slavyansk. On the way to this city, the invaders met fierce resistance, and the defenders began to withdraw the Russians back to the village of Dovhenke, where fighting was taking place and the village itself was changing hands. Dovhenke was captured on June 7, 2022 after two-month battle.

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