Dnipro missile strike (3 VII 2024) [VIDEO]

[AdSense-A] Many explosions in Dnipro city https://twitter.com/NOELreports/status/1808433528398311648 Smoke over Dnipro city after reported missile and drone strikes Another cruise missile reported towards Dnipro city, after multiple explosions before Large mall was damaged as result of Russian attack this morning in Dnipro city Widespread damage in Dnipro city as result of Russian missile strikes At least 3 person killed, 18 wounded as result of Russian attack in Dnipro city Death toll of Russian missile and drones attack in Dnipro city increased to 4, 27 more wounded 11 aerial targets were shot down by Ukrainian air defense this morning Death toll of Russian attack in Dnipro city this morning increased to 5, 34 more wounded

Opublikowane: 3 lipca, 2024 9:39 am, ostatnia aktualizacja: 3 lipca, 2024 at 3:16 pm