Berdychi battle (28 II – 27 IV 2024)

[AdSense-A] On February 28, 2024, Russian forces entered in Berdychi taking control over half of the village. As a result, AFU retreated to Semenivka from the southern plantations which forced troops to retreat from Orlivka too (only the northwestern part of the locality remains contested and not secured by Russian troops). Moreover, Russian forces entered in most of Tonenke except the northern part, which still under Ukrainian control; and the southern plantations west of Severne. On March 25, 2024, Russian forces began advancing north of Berdychi and reached the small pond adjacent to the locality. On April 2, 2024, Russian forces cleared houses of Semenivka in the opposite side of the river. On April 10, 2024, Russian forces took control over the east of Berdychi.

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