[AdSense-A] On March 22, 2022, Russian forces forward elements reached Yampil, but the assault was repelled. The forces of the attacker after the occupation of Zarchne, began on April 27 the attack on Jampil, and on April 28 to Łyman from the east; During the fighting under the Łymień, Russian forces took up Ukrainian forces, killing several dozen soldiers; Ukrainians effectively defended Jampil at the end of April, as a result of which the Russians try to celebrate the city from the west and on May 1 they approached the village of Ozerne for this purpose; Jampil finally fell on May 3; Thus, the enemy's forces are already 20-25 km from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk; However, the aggressor's progress is paid for very large losses; On September 4, 2022, Ukrainian froces recaptured Ozerne.

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