Beit Hanoun battle (27 X 2023 – ongoing) [WIKIPEDIA]

[AdSense-A] The Israeli army deploys more armor and military vehicles on the border with Gaza Israel launches flare bombs into the airspace of the Gaza Strip Israeli tanks move along the northern border of the Gaza Strip Local sources in Gaza: Israeli tanks advance towards the Gaza Strip from the Beit Hanoun axis, north of the Strip Reports of a limited entry of Israeli army vehicles in the northern Gaza Strip; reports of exchanges of fire at various locations Barak Ravid to CNN: thousands of Israeli troops have entered Gaza from the north in the past hour or two, a significantly bigger incursion than previous ones Intensive artillery shelling on eastern Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip Palestinians reporting firefights between Gaza militants and Israeli forces near the borders of the Gaza Strip. Multiple anti-tank guided missiles fired at Israeli tanks near Gaza’s northern border Al-Quds Brigades: Our advanced groups are on the fighting axes and confront the enemy forces that attempt from time to time to advance towards the Gaza Strip. Intense jet activity over Gaza, artillery strike continues on northern Gaza Heavy clashes are continuing between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the area near Beit Hanoun and also reportedly east of Maghazi in central Gaza. Gunfire, tanks, artillery and airstrikes audible. Israeli troops reportedly still in Gaza at this time Safa Al-Qassam Brigades bombard Israeli troops gatherings at the Erez site with mortar shells Israeli army releases footage of forces operating in the Gaza Strip overnight and this morning Witnesses: Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants east of Beit Hanoun Hamas movement announces the implementation of a landing operation behind the Israeli army forces' rally lines near the Erez crossing Intense tank fire and airstrikes along the border. Heavier than last night at certain times There is a lot more gunfire in the direction of Gaza than yesterday as Israeli forces push on with the ground offensive. Also artillery/tank/mortar rounds are being fired An Israeli army officer was seriously hurt by a mortar impact and a soldier was moderately hurt during a gun battle with Hamas, both in northern Gaza. Pair taken to hospital Very heavy airstrikes and artillery fire continuing right now in the northern Gaza Strip as Israeli army armoured units continue clashes and ground offensive operations near Gaza City IDF: Tonight, the female soldier Uri Magidish was released, during a ground operation, after she was kidnapped by the Hamas on 7/10. The soldier was medically examined, her condition is good and she met with her family Strikes in the northern part of the stripIsrael Gaza Israeli military spokesman: We killed dozens of militants in the Gaza Strip and are conducting a large ground operation, and the operation will expand Heavy Israeli artillery shelling on the outskirts of Jabalia, Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip Israeli army inside the eastern outskirts of Bait Hanoun Al-Qassam Brigades: Our forces attack an Israeli force after entering a building in Beit Hanoun and target a bulldozer and a vehicle. Hamas has released this video of the clashes near Erez, in northern Gaza, on October 29, showing some of its militants exiting a tunnel and firing a Yassin 105 anti-tank shell. Hamas spokesman told Al Jazeera: Israeli army began moving ground forces in a number of axes, and in practice they began a ground operation that they do not want to announce due to own considerations Massive Israeli airstrikes against northern Gaza continue Violent clashes have continued for more than 3 hours in the town of Beit Hanoun, north of Gaza Published: 9 Israeli army soldiers were killed yesterday morning during a battle in the northern Gaza Strip during which militants fired an anti-tank missile at an armored military vehicle Hamas announces that its members clashed with an Israeli army force in Beit Hanoun in Gaza IDF: dozens of targets of the terrorist organization Hamas were destroyed in IDF attacks, including observation posts, anti-tank squads and launchers, vessels and military outposts. In addition, militants were killed, infiltrations into Israeli territory were prevented and terrorist incidents were thwarted Al-Qassam Brigades: We surprised an Israeli infantry force near Erez from behind the lines and killed 3 soldiers from a close distance Clashes and bombing between the Israeli army and Hamas fighters near the Beit Hanoun crossing in the Gaza Strip Violent Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip Intense air strikes in various areas of Gaza City, and artillery shelling continues in the areas of Al-Zaytoun, Al-Karama, and Beit Hanoun. An Israeli officer was killed in the fighting in the northern Gaza Strip Israeli army: At the end of the fighting, dozens of militants were killed. In addition, during the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, Nahal fighters encountered a terrorist squad that opened fire on them. The fighters and the brigade fire forces directed an aircraft for an air strike, after which the militants were killed Israeli army: In the last few days, the fighters of the 'Gesh' formation have killed many militants and aircraft destroyed terrorist infrastructures of the terrorist organization Hamas, including munitions warehouses, munitions production sites, an anti-tank launch site and anti-tank missile launch sites IDF: During the night, Israeli army fighters from the Golani Brigade and armored forces encountered terrorist squads that fired anti-tank missiles at them, activated charges and threw grenades Separately, a reservist of the 679th "Yiftah" Brigade, a Givati soldier, and a Combat Engineering soldier, were seriously wounded in overnight operations in the northern part of Gaza. Additionally, a soldier of the Border Defense Corps's Caracal Battalion was seriously wounded Israeli army announces the death of an officer during fighting in the Gaza Strip: Lt. Colonel Salman Habaka, the commander of the 188th Armored Brigade's 53rd Battalion, from Yanuh-Jat Footage of Israeli army soldiers and armor operating in Gaza. Video shows weapons sized by the Israeli army Israeli army forces of the elite Yahalom combat engineering unit have been working to demolish Hamas tunnels discovered during ground operations in the Gaza Strip. The military publishes videos showing tunnels being found and destroyed Armed formation Hamas released clip of Palestinian Militia engaging in clashes with Israeli Forces in streets of Beit Hanoun, Gaza 3 dead in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip Soldiers from the Yahalom Unit, the 551st Brigade, and the Oketz Unit located and destroyed a number of Hamas tunnels running under Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, the Israeli army announced

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